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Skin Care

Formula NameCodeKey IngredientsAttributesDownload
Sulfate-Free Body Wash Shampoo BaseJ21-13KZJeechem¨ Concentrate SF-24Sulfate Free BaseClick here
BB Cream SPF 20J22-49KZJeesperse¨ CPW-940-LP, Jeescreen¨ HMS, Jeescreen¨ B3, Jeescreen¨ OS, Vitamin E USP, BP-GEN 90 SLight-weight moisturizing foundation that helps to reduce blemishes while providing exceptional coverageClick here
Nighttime Rejuvenating Eye CreamJ22-121KZJeesilc¨ CPS-312, Jeesilc¨ PDS-100, Jeechem¨ ICS An all-night hydration, humectant, and emollient system. Helps reduce the look of puffiness under the eye while rejuvenating the look and feel of skin.Click here
Platinum NightJ22-117KZJeesilc¨ DMC-522, Jeesilc¨ 3D5LV, Propylene Glycol USP, Glycerin 99%Translucent Anti-aging MoisturizerClick here
DHA Sunless Tanning GelJ22-124KZJeesilc¨ CPS-312, Propylene Glycol USP, Jeechem¨ IPM NFMoisturizing, Sunless Tanning, DHA GelClick here
Revitalizing Night CreamJ22-157KZJeesperse¨ ICE-T-HSLG-T-21, Jeechem¨ 400 NF, Jeechem OP, Jeechem¨ ICSAnti-aging facial moisturizer. Leaves skin looking younger and fresher. Improves fine lines, radiance, and texture of skin.Click here
Mosisturizing Body CreamJ18-109A NJMJeesperse ICE-T-LB21Moisturizing and Calming Cream / no greasyClick here
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