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Formula NameCodeKey IngredientsAttributesDownload
BB Cream SPF 20J22-49KZJeesperse CPW-P940-LP, Jeecide CAP-5 BB Cream SPF 20Click here
Body ButterJ18-134BJeesperse CPW-CGS-T-O2Moisturizer /no greasyClick here
DHA Sunless Tanning GelJ22-124KZJeesilc¨ CPS-312, Propylene Glycol USP, Jeechem¨ IPM NFMoisturizing, Sunless Tanning, DHA GelClick here
Hair Styling GelJ21-50KZGlycerin 99%, Jeechem¨ CAH-40Clear Styling GelClick here
Jeesperse¨ CPW-2 PVPK-30 Styling GlueJ21-63KZJeesperse¨ CPW-2 PVPK-30, Jeechem OP, and Jeechem HSPCPW Styling GlueClick here
Mosisturizing Body CreamJ18-109A NJMJeesperse ICE-T-LB21Moisturizing and Calming Cream / no greasyClick here
Nighttime Rejuvenating Eye CreamJ22-121KZJeesilc¨ CPS-312, Jeesilc¨ PDS-100, Jeechem¨ ICS An all-night hydration, humectant, and emollient system. Helps reduce the look of puffiness under the eye while rejuvenating the look and feel of skin.Click here
Platinum NightJ22-117KZJeesilc¨ DMC-522, Jeesilc¨ 3D5LV, Propylene Glycol USP, Glycerin 99%Translucent Anti-aging MoisturizerClick here
Revitalizing Night CreamJ22-157KZJeesperse¨ ICE-T-HSLG-T-21, Jeechem¨ 400 NF, Jeechem OP, Jeechem¨ ICSAnti-aging facial moisturizer. Leaves skin looking younger and fresher. Improves fine lines, radiance, and texture of skin.Click here
Sulfate-Free Body Wash Shampoo BaseJ21-13KZJeechem¨ Concentrate SF-24Sulfate Free BaseClick here
Tubular MascaraJ12-175 NJMJeesperse CPW-Carnauba Mascara/ Jeesperse cpw-PE126AWaterproof mascaraClick here
Body ButterJ22-151KZJeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2, Jeechem HPIBAn enriching body butter that locks in moisture on the skinClick here
DHA Facial MoisturizerJ21-134Jeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2Light feeling product for daily facial use, providing light color to the skinClick here
Diaper Rash CreamJ22-163KZAJeesperse CPW-CG-T, Jeecide CAP-2A superior diaper rash cream that protects, soothes, and heals the skinClick here
Jeesperse CPW-GCS Face Cream SPF J18-118BJeesperse CPW-GCS, Jeesilc PS-CMLV, Jeecide CAP-2This formulation is designed for a daily moisturizer regimen for the faceClick here
Jeesperse CPW-GCS-21 Body Cream J18-114BJeesperse CPW-GCS-21Smooth lotion for hand and body care. Non-greasy, leaves skin feeling fresh after applicationClick here
Solid Cream Eye ShadowJ5-74 Jeelux DMIPIS, Jeenate 3H, Jeenate 2HSmooth lotion for hand and body care. Non-greasy, leaves skin feeling fresh after applicationClick here
D2T Sunscreen Stick (Estimated SPF 20)J2-42AJeelux D2T, Jeecide CAP-2, Jeenate 5HSPF 20 sunscreen stickClick here
V2T Sunscreen Lip Balm (Estimated SPF 15)J2-42BJeelux V2T, Jeecide CAP-2, Jeenate 5HSPF 15 lip balmClick here
Clear SPF Stick (Estimated SPF 15)J2-81B MCJeelux DMIPIS, Jeesilc PS-DMBF, Jeecide CAP-2SPF 15 sunscreen stickClick here
Clear Deodorant StickJ4-5A LPJeecol PMA-3, Jeechem Sodium Stearate C1Stick leaves a silky feel upon applicationClick here
Physical Sunscreen Stick CreamJ4-51AJeecide CAP-2Sunscreen StickClick here
Daily Moisturizing LotionJ14-69B MOCJeesperse CPW EW-1LP, Jeesperse CPW-P934-LPSmooth moisturizing lotionClick here
Peppermint Tea Tree Oil ShampooJ17-45MCJeecide CAP-5Tea Tree Oil ShampooClick here
Facial Moisturizer - 2% DHAJ18-56 NJMJeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2, Jeecide CAP-2Light feeling self-tanning facial moisturizerClick here
Facial Moisturizer - 2% DHAJ18-68A NJMJeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2, Jeecide CAP-2Self-Tanning facial moisturizerClick here
Platinum Day Cream SPF 15J18-127 NJMJeesilc PS-CMLV, Jeecide CAP-2Emollient-rich cream helps skin fight dullness and signs of agingClick here
Total Body Age Defy CreamJ18-130 NJM Jeesperse CPW-GCB-940, Jeecide CAP-2Anti-aging Body CreamClick here
Jeesperse ICE-T-VICL-C-A Aloe LotionJ18-156BJeesperse ICE-T-VICL-C-ASmooth Aloe LotionClick here
Jeesperse ICE-T-VICL-C-A Cocoa LotionJ18-157B NJMJeesperse ICE-T-VICL-C-ASoothing LotionClick here
Jeesperse ICE-T-VICL-OAT Body LotionJ18-162AJeesperse ICE-T-VICL-OATSmooth, viscous lotionClick here
Oily Skin FoundationJ18-170Jeesperse ICE-T LB-TUnique foundation created for oily skin typesClick here
Body ButterJ20-16MCJeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2, Jeechem HPIB, Jeecide CAP-5
Butter-like CreamClick here
Hot Process - VHBF - Matte Luxury LotionJ21-79KZ-DJeesilc PS-VHBFMatte Luxury LotionClick here
Hot Process- CMBF - Luxury LotionJ21-82KZ-B Jeesilc PS-CMBFLuxury LotionClick here
BB Cream SPF 20J22-49KZJeesperse CPW-P940-LP, Jeecide CAP-5BB Cream SPF 20Click here
Dark Emerald Creamy Eye ShadowJ22-165KZJeecide CAP-2, Jeesperse CPW-BCCreamy Eye ShadowClick here
Deep Tanning LotionJ22-167KZJeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2, Jeesilc 35DTanning LotionClick here
Antifungal ConcentrateJ23-11MCJeesperse CPPW EW-1LP, Jeesperse CPW-PFoam ConcentrateClick here
Antifungal ConcentrateJ23-12MCJeesperse CPW EW-1LP, Jeesperse CPW-PFoam ConcentrateClick here
Two Phase Hair Style SprayJ23-24MCTwo Phase Hair Style SprayClick here
Creamy Baby OilJ23-51MCCreamy Baby OilClick here
Self-Tan Gel Créme BronzerJ23-54MCJeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2, Jeecide CAP-5Sunless TanningClick here
Natural Lip Balm BaseJ23-58MCSoothing lip balmClick here
Gel Room DeodorizerJ23-70MCCastor Oil PPAnhydrous GelClick here
Hair Style Microemuslion Ringing GelJ23-71MCJeechem GC-7Microemulsion ringing gelClick here
Creamy CleanserJ25-10 LCJeechem Concentrate SF-24Luxurious feeling cleanser, created for sensitive skinClick here
Co-Q10 LotionJ25-19LCMoisturizing lotionClick here
Daily Replenishing LotionJ26-21BJeesperse ICE-T-EUC-DRLDeeply moisturizes and replenishes skinClick here
Paraben Free Mousse FoundationJ27-18 DBJeesperse CPW-2-Crosspolymer-G, Jeecide CAP-5Paraben Free Mousse FoundationClick here
Body SouffleJ14-60AMOCJeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2, Jeechem HPIB, Jeecide CAP-5
This truly unique texture will quench your skins thirst, leaving a smooth cushiony after feel. A cold process emulsion using Jeesperse CPW-CG-T-02.Click here
Control Frizz ShampooJ18-99A NJMThis shampoo formulation has a control frizz property and moisturizing effects.Click here
Jeesperse CPW-GCS Face Cream SPFJ18-118BJeesperse CPW-GCS, Jeesilc PS-CMLV, Jeecide CAP-2This formulation is designed for a daily moisturizer regimen for the face.Click here
Frizz Control and Moisturizer ShampooJ18-99BThis shampoo formulation has a control frizz property and moisturizing effects.Click here
Sea Salt Hair SprayJ22-115KZHair spray that gives a beach-hair look and a unique hair texturizing ability.Click here
Sea Salt SprayJ22-116KZHair spray that gives a fresh beach-hair look and a unique hair texturizing ability.Click here
Jeesperse ICE-T LB-T Body CreamJ18-107CJeesperse ICE-T LB-THydrating Body CreamClick here
Jeesperse ICE-T CARB1 Body CreamJ18-108AJeesperse ICE-T CARB-1Hydrating CreamClick here
Conditioner/Mask BaseJ22-150KZJeesperse ICE-T-LB-980Basic conditioner base with hydrating, smoothing, and conditioning properties.Click here
Hair Mask J22-152KZJeecide CAP-5, Jeesperse ICE-T-LB-980Moisture-locking mask with enriching proteins to hydrate and restore the look and feel of hair.Click here
Color Protectant ConditionerJ22-153KZJeecide CAP-5, Jeesperse ICE-T-LB-980This conditioner contains all the essentials your hair needs to repair, protect, hydrate, and enhance shine.Click here
Leave-in ConditionerJ22-161KZJeecide CAP-5, Jeesperse ICE-T-LB-980A light-wear, leave-in conditioner that provides protection from heat styling products while conditioning and enhancing the shine of hair.Click here
Diaper Rash CreamJ22-163KZ-BJeesperse CPW-CG-T-O2, Jeecide CAP-2A superior diaper rash cream that protects, soothes, and heals the skin.Click here
Hand Sanitizer 70%J18-171AJeesperse CPW-2-21This hand sanitizer contains two skin conditioners to soothe skin and maintain skin health. Use at
Click here
Metallic Blue Creamy Eye ShadowJ22-166KZJeecide CAP-2, Jeesperse CPW-2-PVPK-30A creamy eye shadow with anti-wrinkle properties. Easy and smooth application with a water-resistant, dry finish.Click here
CC Cream SPF 20J22-164KZJeesperse CPW-P940-LP, Jeecide CAP-2A lightweight formula that provides moisture, UV Light protection, restoration, coverage, and anti-aging properties for the skin.Click here
Frosted Press Powder Eye ShadowJ19-17A KBJeesperse CPW-2-Crosspolymer-GThis press powder contains 78% Mica. Jeesperse CPW-2 Crosspolymer-G provides long wear, prevents creasing, and is water resistant. Jeechem GLH-26 aids in color development and provides moisturization.Click here
Three-In-One Body Wash, Shampoo, ConditionerJ23-50MCA conditioning body wash/shampooClick here
Hair Conditioner- Frizz ControlJ26-23BJeesperse ICE-T-C-GARNFrizz Control ConditionerClick here
Jeesperse CPW-CG FoundationJ14-104 MOCJeesperse CPW-CG, Jeesilc 35C, Jeecide CAP-5Click here
Finishing SprayJ22-137KZJeesperse CPW-CG-Crosspolymer-G, Jeechem FS-102, Jeecide CAP-5Unique cold process formulating technique, moisturizing and enriching oil blends, frizz control, ultraconditioning, and protects hair from sun and heat damage.Click here
Organic Root Salon Pro Neutralizing ShampooJ21-33KZJeecide CAP-5Click here
Styling GelJ18-82MCJeesperse CPW-2-PVPK-30Click here
Peppermint Tea Tree Oil ConditionerJ17-46MCJeecide CAP-5Click here
Deep Conditioning Moisturizer LotionJ18-163A NJMJeesperse ICE-T-AJClick here