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Click on the links below to view our brochures:

•   General Catalog

•   OleoSil™ Naturally-Derived Silicone Elastomer Gels

•   Jeesperse® NDA Sun Dispersions

•   Jeechem® NDA Alkanes

•   Jeesperse® OptiDerm

•   Jeesperse® OptiTress

•   “Style Your Mood”, Multi-Cultural Haircare Guide

•   Jeecide® AA Series

Globally Approved Broad Spectrum Preservatives, proven effective against bacteria, yeast, and mold

•   BP-Complexes

BP-Complexes are balanced select active compounds complexes with differentiated Hyaluronic Acid gels.

•   Primers

Primers prepare the skin to accept make-up and foundation, creating a flawless photo-finish look.

•   Perfect A + Leave-in Conditioner

•   BotanicalsPlus

•   BP-ExfoliCare™

•   Jeesperse Cold Process Wax Technology

Our Jeesperse CPW Series is a group of water-dispersible Cold Process Waxes, eliminating the need to use heating processes and functions directly related, while still producing emulsions using conventional waxes.

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